Save those Boxes!

One of the most common questions I am asked when it comes to fluorescent tubes disposal is how to properly package them for transportation. Although there are a variery of storage containers readily available for sale the easiest way to handle your fluorescent tubes disposal is to save the boxes the originals or replacements came in. These boxes are already rated for transporting the bulbs you are trying to recycle.
Simply find a cool storage place that is protected from the elements. Humidity can slowly destroy the boxes and compromise their integrity. When storing boxes for 365 days this can be a key element that will save you money and most importantly keep you from spending valuable time re-packaging them. This storage area should have a separate ventilation system (or none) from the main one. In the event a bulb breaks the hazardous mercury vapors won’t be circulated through the building. Fluorescent tubes disposal can effectively be managed this way.
Finally, label the box as “Used Lamps” or “Universal Waste Lamps” after you have placed the first fluorescent tube into the container. Make sure to put the date when the first bulb is placed into the container to keep track of your accumulation time. When ready to ship, you’ll simply have to tape off the opened end and you’ll be finished with your fluorescent tubes disposal.

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