Bulb Crushers for Fluorescent Tubes Disposal

In the past, you would have had only a few options when it came to fluorescent tubes disposal. You could package them into cardboard boxes, tape them up and ship them out to a recycling facility. Or you could pay the recycling facility to come pick them up and package them for you. These options are can be very expensive when dealing with larger quantities.

Today however, you have a new option for fluorescent tubes disposal. With new developments that are now fluorescent tube crushers which you can purchase and use at your facility to dispose of your spent fluorescent tubes. These machines use a vacuum which sucks the tube into the crushing chamber and shreds it into tiny fragments, all while filtering out the dangerous mercury and phosphorus which is contained inside each of the lamps.

A machine such as this is in particular interest to large office buildings, hospitals, large manufacturing facilities, universities, or any other facility which have hundreds if not thousands of light bulbs. Electrical contractors also find these crushers quite useful as they can take them from job site to job site where they need to provide disposal of fluorescent tubes.

While the machines come in all shapes and sizes the most common design is a crushing mechanism which mounts on top of a 55 gallon drum. The operator then feeds the spent lamps into a chute which has a suction from the side mounted vacuum which is part of the system. Once the operator places the bulb into the chute, he simply releases it and it is sucked into the crushing chamber. From there the crushing head will smash the bulb into tiny fragments which will begin to collect inside of the 55 gallon drum. Once the drum is completely filled, the operator simply un-mounts the fluorescent light bulb crusher and moves it to an empty 55 gallon drum.

Once the bulb is smashed, the mercury and phosphorus is released and through the design of the system it will be filtered out. This filtration takes place with the use of a HEPA filter in conjunction with carbon activated filter. In fact, the filtration process works so well, that there is practically no trace amount of mercury or phosphorus from the exhaust in the atmosphere. This makes this equipment an ideal solution for fluorescent bulbs recycling

These machines typically carry a price tag in the range of $2000-$5000, based on the features and volume of light bulbs you’re going to be crushing and can be an excellent way to handle¬† your fluorescent tubes disposal.

This article was written by Dennis Bergen of Akon Crushers and Shredders.

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