Finding a Recycler/Disposal Company

It is of the utmost importance that each company select a recycling company that will best serve your organization’s needs while also keeping you and your organization in regulatory compliance.  This will help assure peace of mind while minimizing your potential financial liabilities.  Here are some general criteria for selecting a disposal company:

  • Pricing – Pricing is obviously one of the key aspects associated with disposal.  A cheap price might denote substandard compliance while higher prices could be taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.  You typically get what you pay for with most recycling organizations; and, as with most buying decisions shopping around is always encouraged to ensure you receive the best price.
  • Service – Price doesn’t mean anything if your recycling vendor isn’t removing your fluorescent tubes in a timely fashion.  Some key aspect to factor are the timeliness, responsiveness, the personnel you will be working with and the capabilities of the firm managing your program with you.
  • Risk Management – You should ensure that the recycler you have selected, or are considering selecting, is complying with numerous federal and state regulations. The more important factors for evaluating recycling companies include:
  • the financial health of the company;
  • insurance requirements for general and pollution liability;
  • what indemnities or other assurances they offer clients;
  • their environmental record and compliance history;
  • the existence of government permits and approvals for facility operation or transportation;
  • vapor control technology and monitoring records;
  • the status of a facility closure plan

Although this may seem a little tedious, it is imperative that you remember universal waste needs to be handled and treated as universal waste to ensure you and your organization are complying with all local, state and federal regulations.  These are not uncommon questions to be asking any recycling agency and the ones who are performing within those regulations look forward to answering these questions with a smile.

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