Managing and Storing Fluorescent Tubes for Disposal

Each company should designate an area within their facility to store fluorescent tubes.  It should be dry and away from any hazards that might break the tubes.  Ideally, this room or area should be disconnected from the central air system in the event of hazardous vapor releases.  Make sure employees are trained on where the storage area is and what to do with unbroken & broken lamps.

The best way to store the fluorescent tubes for disposal is to keep the spent tubes accumulated in the containers they arrived in.  In the event you do not have the containers the original or replacement tubes arrived in you can always purchase turnkey boxes like the one listed lower on the page.  These companies typically include the box, shipping and disposal in an all-inclusive price.  It is extremely important that the fluorescent tubes remain intact and are not broken.  Although unlikely, a recycler can determine that a single broken fluorescent bulb renders an entire container as hazardous waste due to contamination.  Make sure the boxes are completely sealed preferably with three-inch PVC tape.  The boxes need to be labeled with one of the following: “Waste Lamp(s),” or “Universal Waste Lamp(s),” or “Used Lamp(s).”  And per the universal rules fluorescent tubes must be disposed of within one year of the accumulation start date.

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