Administrative Aspects

Educate your employees on the fluorescent tube recycling program implemented within your organization.  Employee awareness is key to the success of any implementation.  Answer questions and find team leaders to assist in motivating all departments and crews.

Maintain records of all waste shipped from your facility.  It is also wise to keep a log of waste as it is accumulated.  This helps keep it in plain sight so that it is managed more often.  Records should be kept on file for a minimum of three years for the disposal date; but, be sure to check with your local and state environmental agencies to ensure compliance.  Some organizations now offer electronic storage and access of these documents at no additional costs to their clients.

Finally, make sure you budget for the disposal of fluorescent tubes when it is time to do so.  Many organizations and departments forget to keep these costs in their budget and often end up scrambling at the end of the year to find the cheapest price on the market.  This can put you and your organization at risk.  Plan ahead and it should all work out.